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Auch im Platypus-Theater, einem bi-lingualen Kindertheater, setzt sich Kim Eustice als Schauspielerin und Musikerin gekonnt in Szene, wenn "The Kooky Show" abgeht.

"The Kooky Show" ist ein witziges, lebendiges Stück für Kinder der 3.und 4. Klasse, die gerade anfangen Englisch zu lernen.

Kim Eustice spielt zusammen mit ihrem Kollegen Peter Scollin.


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Kim Eustice as Marjory in "The Outside Dog":

TALKING HEADS by Alan Bennett

directed by Günther Grosser with Kim Eustice, Monica Solem, Jesse Inman
Set and Costumes: Tomas Fitzpatrick
Lights: Katri Kuusimäki

Three people, three stories - and the abyss they have to face.
ENGLISH THEATRE BERLIN presents three pieces from Bennett´s brilliant and masterful Talking Heads series.


Talking Heads
Foto: etb-talking heads
Talking Heads is a series of monologues, poignant yet hilarious pieces peeling back the veneer of respectability to revel in - and of course laugh at - the private foibles of everyday life. These tales of loneliness and eccentricity range from hilariously funny to bitingly satirical to poignantly reflective, sometimes all in the same monologue. Alan Bennett wrote the first six pieces in the mid 80s for BBC-TV, where they became a huge success and received several prestigious awards. More than ten years later, another six monologues followed, and this time Alan Bennett confronted his protagonists with severer problems like murder, child molestation, or a husband who is into S/M. English Theatre Berlin presents three of the later pieces: The Outside Dog, Playing Sandwiches and Nights in the Gardens of Spain.
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